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Golf Course Promotion

What better way to promote your golf course than on a site which targets the audience you want --- GOLFERS! is one of the web’s most frequently visited Golf Course Directory sites and adding your listing will ensure that more golfers will find your course!

Select your listing type from the choices below to get started:

Create a Free Listing:  Includes course name, address, and course overview (50 word limit) – will appear in city directories only. Free for Limited Time Only, Ads for other courses and products displayed on Free Listings

Create an Enhanced Listing:  Allows you to list your course name, phone number, address, course overview (no length limit), email, website, and more detailed information.  Also allows you to display a scanned copy of your scorecard and up to 4 JPG/GIF images of your course.  Several options are available to allow you to list your course in the city directories, regional directories, featured courses page and on the main Logo banner. Ads for other golfing products/courses will NOT be displayed on enhanced listings. Profressional website designers will create your entry. Secure Online signup now available!

Update Your Golf Course Listing: Text updates are FREE! Text updates include what you already have listed on Golfersweb. Read above about an Enhanced Listing to add more information to your golf course listing like your logo, course photos and scanned scorecard.

Remove/Cancel Your Golf Course Listing: Allows you to remove your golf course listing from our site. This will remove your golf course promotion on the Golferweb Golf Marekting and course directory area


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